Your state Chiropractic Association has partnered with EPIC Specialty Benefits to provide an exclusive insurance program for members only:

Health Insurance

Nearly 90% of Americans have health coverage.¹

Take advantage of our association buying power with extensive, affordable coverage to protect your health and business.

Note – Health Insurance is only available to groups with two or more employees.

Benefit Details


Short-term Disability Insurance

Short-term Disability Insurance covers a portion of your income while you are disabled for a specified period of time.
With EPIC, you receive a decision on your claim in as little as 2 days! Payments are sent to you while the claim is being processed. It’s that fast!

Long-term Disability Insurance

Similar to short-term disability, this insurance covers a portion of your income while you are disabled for a longer period of time.

We also include complimentary access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Life Insurance

Elect 1-5 times your annual salary up to $250,000.

You are guaranteed $50,000 in coverage if you enroll by November 15th.


Receive the largest paid-in-full selection of eyewear available and have the freedom to choose the coverage that’s right for you, including access to Davis Vision’s 35,000 in-network providers.


1 in 3 adults haven’t seen a dentist in a year. You have many options with this dental coverage including the ability to select a coinsurance and annual deductible amount.²

*Long-term Disability requires that health questions still be answered. 
The Guaranteed Issue feature applies to ages under age 60 for all products.

¹CNN, money.cnn.com, 2015.

²Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, Dec. 2012